Psoria-Light™ Features: Digital Camera, Treatment Scores, and PDF Export

Psoria-Light is full of patent-pending features designed to improve safety and efficacy of treatment therapy.

High Definition (HD) Digital Camera
Digital Treatment images

Psoria-Light’s™ patent pending digital camera feature streams full 1080p high definition (HD) video to the color touchscreen display and captures brilliant HD images of the treatment site. This innovation allows healthcare providers to capture HD digital images of the treatment site(s) with ease, documenting progress over a series of treatments. Algorithms allow for consistent alignment to further enhance comparison. Psoria-Light stores this information permanently, and provides for an easy to review patient record which can be exported to a PDF file for transfer to external computers and for print. Further, healthcare providers can track certain “scores”, such as itch, sleep, and Quality of Life (QoL). Psoria-Light combines this information in patent pending formats that provide at-a-glance visual summaries of treatment progress

PDF ExportPsoria-Shield patented PDF export

Psoria-Light can export patient records in PDF format to USB memory devices. The healthcare provider can choose from a number of different variables to export as a report, and can export between one and several patient records at once. Serial records of treatments can be exported to PDF to compare to paper records kept by the clinic on a daily, weekly, monthly, or multiple month basis. Through PDF export, these records can be kept on clinic computers and printed to standard printers.

Psoria-Light patented distance sensorTrigger Safety Mechanism

Psoria-Light incorporates the latest in touch technology to detect the patient’s treatment site (their skin) before enabling a UV dosage to be issued. This innovative technology increases safety during treatment, preventing unintended / unwanted dosages to be administered.

It is important for patients and healthcare providers to have a visual record of treatment progress. Part of restoring a patient’s quality of life is improving their perception of the process of accomplishing clearance or re-pigmentation. Over several treatments, patients can truly appreciate their success and can share that success with others.


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